So what Services do we offer??

CRM for any target

We specialize in buliding top CRMs for small and big businesses. A client detail managment platform, analyzing data, organize platforms, all in one!

API Inegration

Your own API! think abour it, Once you got an API you can do everything you want with your costumers! Our team of experts will make sure that the API is maintained and connected to your side, in any kind of activity.

Fintech Consulting Services

Fintech stands for Financial Technology. 
All of the revolutionary digital payment services  are part of Fintech. 
Nowadays, Fintech services are all around us – global smartphone payments already passed $1 trillion in 2019. Optimize your online business today!


Simply – a free alternative for making audio (and video) calls to traditional phone lines!
This is the perfect service for almost anykind of business!

Hospital CRM

Medical prescriptions and doctor reports are exactly the kind of documents that have to be managed by a high preformance CRM. This is where we come and supply the best, trusted and fully functional CRM especially for Hospitals who need this kind of services! 

Click to call

Contact your users/clients straight from the platform! With our CTC solutions, we make client communication easier than ever!

Supermarket CRM

Yes you read right! We provide programming solutions for supermarkets! Barcode scanning, product mangament and many more! Make your working interface whole lot of easier!

Restaurant CRM & Managment

Own a restaurant? We got the perfect offer for you! The most advanced - user friendly system you've ever worked with! We match the business needs to our platform to build the system that fits perfectly for your workers & other conditions. Everything that will make you comfortable.


Do you want to take your business to the next step? E-ccomerce is the thing for you! Bring your business online and raise your sales to the sky! In 2019 if you don't sale online you're not exist. We will build everything to make sure you will get exactly what suits you best.

Clothing stores CRM

If you want to work right, you need a CRM. If you want to work perfect you need EVACRM. Our team will build you user-friendly & fully designed system to suit your needs. Quantity tracking, sales analyzing, employee managment and much more!