Let us tell you everyhing you need to know

So why you should choose us?

EVACRM has been here for a long time. We belive that from experience comes knowledge and in experience we are the best!
with over than 1,000+ CRM's and services that we provided to all kind of costumers and businesses, we can asure you that no one can find a solution better than ours! 

Long-year expertise will be just a click away! You can email our experts round-the-clock and receive a timely reply to any question you may have regarding our solutions and services. In addition, we provide phone support as well! So now you tell us, why dont you choose us?

Are your services only for online businesses?

Absolutly no! We provide solutions for all kind of businesses & Instutotoins - Hospitals, restaurants, clothing shops etc...
You can check our Features tab to see all kind of services we provide! We can take any business and find exactly what suits best for your business! Go visit the  features tab now!

Do our services secured?

Our team of developers provide the top secured protocols for the database and all of the online communication. Our services include the whole packgage! CRM, hosting services, and ofcourse - security!
All of our services include HTTPS Protocol, RSA for payment and more!

Whats the pricing?

Our minimum setup fee is 4000 EUR and additional 9 EUR per user. Other solutions in addition and presonal cosumize of the CRM & services will cost in addition to the standart fees, and will be determined by the complexibility & customization that the system you want will need.